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Create your website with ease and confidence. WebsiteForever offers all that you require, nothing more that will confuse you and nothing less that will limit you.

Create a website in 15 minutes

With WebsiteForever you can create your complete website in just 15 minutes with all pages, content, and images in it. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, as you enjoy sipping it, you can finish your complete website to your best satisfaction.

Build website using mobile

WebsiteForever allows you to create your complete website using your mobile phone. Also you can update it any time you want at your convenience. This is the power and convenience that you can enjoy with WebsiteForever

Simple & intuitive website builder

The entire website building process is so simple and intuitive that you will glide through it with ease. At no point will you have any doubt or challenge as each and every step is kept so simple.

Beautiful design

When you create a website using WebsiteForever, it would be unique and beautiful. You are bound to create a complete site and people would be amazed that you could create such a beautiful website all by yourself.


"Picture speaks a thousand words" and we have over a million great looking photos and images that you can freely use when you create your website. These pictures and photographs come from very talented and passionate photographers from around the world.

Website Content

When you create a website you need to have good content for your website. We understand that not everyone has a write up about the business, so we have readymade website content written by professional copywriters that you can readily use when you create your website.

Fast loading websites

Websites created with WebsiteForever score close to 100% in Google Pagespeed test which means that your website will load really very fast for your website visitors.

Web App

When you create a website using WebsiteForever it will automatically be a web app. This means anyone visiting your website using their mobile can install your website as an app on their mobile.

Google Optimisation

Websites created using WebsiteForever get 100% in Google Lighthouse test for Search Engine Optimization. WebsiteForever ensures that your website ticks all the boxes that Google is looking for and this means your chances of getting to the top on Google search results are much higher.

Domain name

Your new website needs a domain name. If you already have one you can use it, if not we offer a domain name for you. Either way, we keep your life simple.

Hosting & servers

Once you create your website, you need to host it in web servers. This is our responsibility to ensure that your website runs in the best web server environment. We ensure that your website is running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Complete Privacy

Today privacy protection is very important. WebsiteForever is fully compliant with GDPR and privacy laws. When you create a website using WebsiteForever we ensure that your website is fully compliant with all the requirements of GDPR.

Security & safety

Websites created with WebsiteForever are hosted in one of the most secure hosting environments which provide the best protection available in the market today. We have set up firewalls that keep out hackers, our latest software keeps out all the virus or malware.


Like all software, your website also has to be backed up regularly to ensure that it can be restored if such a situation ever arises. We automatically do daily backups and we also would take care of restorations if any such need arises.

Website Analysis

You need to know the number and origin of visitors to your website. These details and more will be presented as easy to understand graphs so that you get a better insight and understanding of your website visitors.