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WebsiteForever comes from Akmin. Akmin was started in 1999 and since then it has been dedicatedly working on a do-it-yourself website builder that will enable anyone to create a website on their own. Till recently our website builder platform was never directly offered to uses like you. Since 2001 our white-label website builder was offered across the world, to hosting companies, domain name registrars, ISPs, etc who in turn offered our website builder as their own brand. Our white label website builder technology and software have been used by over 500,000 users worldwide. It feels very good to know that we have helped 500,000 businesses and entrepreneurs get online.

In early 2020 we launched WebsiteForever which is our direct offering to users like you. We believe that this direct offering will help us not only to increase our reach but to understand you better and serve you better.

Our vision is to help as many small businesses as possible worldwide to get their business online. Our philosophy is to give the power of website building in the hands of small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals.

As a team, we continue to work to make this vision a reality.